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All sizes, shapes and breeds from many different backgrounds are welcome at Dig IT!

Dig It Dogs host a range of training classes and activities including Agility and Obedience. Our main aim is for you to have fun with your dog. We have a number of members who regularly compete at shows and agility competitions with great success and we can fuel your competitive dreams, or help you to teach everyday life skills to your dog. Dig It Dogs have two indoor arenas, two outdoor arenas and a flyball field, so why not come and join us?

What's coming up ....

  • Rapid Recall
    Fri 26th Jan ...

    - Would you like to be able to give your dog more freedom to run?
    - Would you like your dog to come back fast and furiously when called?
    - Would you like to be able to stay connected to your dog even when they are off lead?
    During this three-week course you and your dog will practice the skills required to build a fast, fun and reliable recall and to help you become the centre of your dog’s universe.
    Check out our EVENTS page for further information

  • Mission Impawsible
    Fri 26th Jan ...

    Mission 1: Retrieve challenge
    Mission 2: Search and Track trial
    Mission 3: Navigation and distraction test
    Mission 4: Intelligence gathering and transmission
    Your intensive secret agent training will teach you the following skills:
    Retrieve, Search and track, Hold and Carry, Problem Solving, Navigate to a set target, Control at a distance and Steadiness in the face of “danger”
    Your final mission will be set in week 6. Sign up now, your country needs you!
    Check out our EVENTS page for further information

  • Obedience Classes
    26th & 29th Jan...

    Start of the latest set of 8 week training classes - Puppy, Bronze, Silver or Gold.
    Dig It are proud to have 'Listed Status Approval' from the Kennel Club for the Good Citizen Dog scheme and all our training sessions are run under their guidelines.
    Take a look on this page for these and other classes starting soon.

  • Super Fast Recall
    Sat 27th Jan ...

    Do you struggle with your dog recall?
    Do you have a puppy and want to start with the right exercises?
    Do you want to boost your training tools to make your recall even more fun and reliable?
    This is the right workshop for you and your dog! This workshop will give you theory and practical exercises to improve, retrain or start your recall training.
    Check out our EVENTS page for further information

  • Impulse Control
    Sat 27th Jan ...

    Do you have a dog that gets over excited?
    Lack of self control in life or during agility?
    Does your dog struggle to keep focus around distractions and movement?
    Teaching impulse control and calming exercises will help you and your dog to learn through distractions and arousal
    Check out our EVENTS page for further information

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