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We have lots of training days, workshops and events at Dig It... take a look below at those scheduled to come this year.

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Entertain your dog's nose ...

NEW dates...
Sat 1st July and 15th July
Introductory 10am - 12noon (places limited to 6)
Progression 12:30pm - 2:30pm (places limited to 4)

Friday 11th August and 1st September
Introduction - 6.30pm until 8.30pm

Saturday 16th September
Introduction - 10am until 12noon
Progression - 12.30pm until 2.30pm

Dogs love to sniff so what better way to have lots of fun and entertain your dog than a workshop looking at nose/scent work games you can play with your dog.
A fun and enjoyable workshop helping to build your relationship using your dog's natural ability, this workshop will help to build a stronger relationship, confidence and focus, aid in relaxation and calmness. Great too for older dogs and dogs on limited exercise, the workshop will introduce you to basic search games and fun games to play with your dog.

Instructor: Tracy Ridgway
At: Dig It Dog Training Club, Sandbach.
Cost: £15
This workshop will be held indoors.
If interested please email montanawolf@hotmail.co.uk for further details and booking form.

Agility Fitness Workshop ...

Friday 7th July.
Obedience Hall at Dig It Dogs.
Time: 6.30pm to 8.30pm.
Cost: £20.00

This workshop will cover all aspects of fitness for your dog. We all know fitness is good for our dogs but why? How does fitness improve performance? What can we do at home to improve fitness and performance?
There are many different aspects of fitness, not just how long your dog can run for so learn about varied exercise programs, developing strength/endurance/proprioception/balance and body awareness. These workshops will also cover how to track your dog’s strength/fitness levels.
This workshop will give you the background knowledge to develop a complete fitness program, demonstration of the exercises to be included in your program, initially flatwork and then progressing to equipment based exercises.
These workshops cover:
- Measuring muscle mass.
- Aspects of skill acquisition.
- Team work for your dog, how different professionals can help.
- Static and dynamic exercises.
- Straightforward exercises that are easily performed.

Further details and to book email: Lydia@digitdogs.co.uk

Intro to Canine Massage Workshops ...

July 29th @ Dig It Dogs
Cost per person / dog £40

Massage can help to loosen up sensitive areas, reduce discomfort, increase mobility and agility and help your dog find confidence in previously injured areas. It is also beneficial to run alongside a rehabilitation program or as a calming or bonding tool for you and your dog.
A one day workshop, led by Lisa Graham, Animal Physiotherapist.

Further details from Lisa - Lisa@caninephysio.co.uk

Winter Massage Workshops ...

For performance and Sporting Dogs.

Part 1 September 19th 7-9pm £15
Soft tissue - healing, pain and inflammation - how this affects the performance and sporting dog.

Part 2 October 21st 10-4pm £40
Muscular assessment and the application of massage in response to findings.

Part 3 November 4th 10-2pm £30
Preparing your dog for sports activities - developing balance, strength and stamina.

Further details from Lisa - Lisa@caninephysio.co.uk

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