Dig It Special Events ...

We have lots of training days, workshops and events at Dig It... take a look below at those scheduled to come this year.

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Winter Massage Workshops ...

For performance and Sporting Dogs.

Part 1 September 19th 7-9pm £15
Soft tissue - healing, pain and inflammation - how this affects the performance and sporting dog.

Part 2 October 21st 10-4pm £40
Muscular assessment and the application of massage in response to findings.

Part 3 November 4th 10-2pm £30
Preparing your dog for sports activities - developing balance, strength and stamina.

Further details from Lisa - Lisa@caninephysio.co.uk

Entertain your dog's nose ...

NEW dates...

Friday 27th October
6.30pm until 8.30pm

Saturday 11th November
Introduction - 10am until 12noon
Progression - 12.30pm until 2.30pm

Dogs love to sniff so what better way to have lots of fun and entertain your dog than a workshop looking at nose/scent work games you can play with your dog.
A fun and enjoyable workshop helping to build your relationship using your dog's natural ability, this workshop will help to build a stronger relationship, confidence and focus, aid in relaxation and calmness. Great too for older dogs and dogs on limited exercise, the workshop will introduce you to basic search games and fun games to play with your dog.

Instructor: Tracy Ridgway
Cost: £15
If interested please email montanawolf@hotmail.co.uk for further details and booking form.

Prepaing your dogs musculo-skeletal system for the event ring ...

21st & 22nd October

2 day course – certificate of attendance provided
This course is aimed at the owners of sporting dogs (agility, flyball, IPO, working trials, obedience, rally, heel work to music etc) and provides hands on opportunity for the owner to learn about how sports affect their dogs and what they can do to alleviate inflammation, identify pain and discomfort, apply therapeutic massage, undertake therapeutic exercises.

Day One
The law surrounding massage and rehabilitation
Basic anatomy of muscle, ligaments, fascia and tendons
Common muscular and neurological conditions
Tissue repair and healing
Recognising pain and discomfort
Hands on assessment – static, in motion, palpation

Day Two
Common skeletal concerns
Understanding growth plates
How massage affects the body
The lymphatic system and massage
Hands on massage techniques and building a routine
Warm up and cool down massage
Dynamic warm ups
Comparison of your dog pre and post massage

For further information and to book contact isobel@aimphysio.co.uk

Beginner Agility Course

Sunday 22nd October.

The course is the first level on our Agility Foundations progression system for beginner dogs. It is a 7 week course, which includes an assessment on the last week.

The course will cover all of the basics for agility and start you and your dog off on the right paw for success. The four main areas we will cover are:
- Ground work
- Jumps and tunnels
- Contacts the basics
- Weaves the basics

Cost £60 for the 7 weeks

To enquire about this workshop email: sm.stokes78@gmail.com

Caring for the Veteran Dog ...

Friday 3rd November

An informative workshop all about how to give our older citizens the best care in life.
For further information and to book contact isobel@aimphysio.co.uk

Dig It Christmas Meal ...

Friday 8th December (proposed date)

Details coming soon!
Our annual fun, get together. A chance to enjoy some warm food and drink in the company of your fellow Dig It Members. Previous years have also had fun quizzes, awards and special thanks.

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