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About us ...

Our training Club is run by Lydia who has a passion and interest in promoting good dog training principles at every age! Whether you have a new puppy or an older rescue dog we can help you achieve your training aims.

The Club has a great team of instructors who all have the same passion and belief in positive dog training. The agility instructors all have the agility 'bug' and want to help others become as passionate about the sport with their dogs as they are! Most instructors compete in agility and are away at shows nearly every weekend. This increases our knowledge of handling and training techniques and we can bring these experiences to our classes .

Our obedience instructor team have recognised qualifications in dog training and behaviour such as the APDT, PDTI, COAPE and BIPDT and several instructors are also working towards accreditation in the KCAI scheme.. Our regular instructor meetings and training days allow us to discuss and share ideas and techniques enabling us to ensure we are giving you excellent quality training.

The Club offers many classes for every dog owner and the aim at Dig It Dog Training is to train dogs in a positive way, without physical or verbal corrections. We want to train handlers to bring out the best in their dogs. The results are dogs that are as focused and driven about their work as their owners are about training them.

Why you should join DIG IT ...

  • We are open 365 days a year!
  • We have 2 arenas for private hire, which are available 7 days a week, all year round for training indoors and out.
  • We offer a wide range of classes in many different disciplines, such as agility at all levels, flyball, obedience from puppy through to competition work and heelwork to music and we also run regular specialist training days and workshops.
  • We keep numbers in classes small. For obedience the maximum number of dogs is 8 and for agility it is 6 dogs per class.
  • If you miss your agility class we give you ½ hour arena hire for your own practice.
  • The agility arena offers a secure indoor area to let your dog off lead and know they will be safe.
  • The agility equipment we have is up to date and very well maintained. It is already set up for you so you will not have to use your class time (and your energy) putting out and packing away equipment.
  • Other facilities include toilets, drink machine and a large car park close to every training area.
  • The club competitions and Just Eat shows are a great opportunity to gain experience running courses plus as a Dig it members you will get a discount at our Agility Shows.
  • We recommend known and trusted local services, such as dog walking, boarding and grooming services, which should enable you peace of mind that your dog will be well looked after for all their needs.
  • The training team at dig it dogs has a vast experience in most canine sports... plus we have experience of lots of different breeds and types of dogs! This much experience all under one roof... now that’s saying something!

Membership is only £15 per person per year, and you can pay a reduced amount if you join part way through a year.
Join us NOW! > > >

Very enjoyable experience, I'll definately be back for further classes.

Absolutely brilliant course, suited us and helped tremendously!

DIG IT Dog Training Club

Dubthorn Lane | Betchton | Sandbach | Cheshire | CW11 4TA

email us: ObscureMyEmail

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