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Flyball Training ...

Flyball is two teams of dogs racing over a course of 4 jumps and retrieving a ball from a spring loaded box, it's fast and furious and all breeds of dogs can join in! It is a relay race and the winning team is the four dogs that complete in the fastest time.

Dogs can start training from 12 months old and an interest in tennis balls is preferable but not essential.

Flyball Taster Sessions

Flyball taster sessions are occasionally run at the club with the Captain of the Carry On's Flyball Team & Dig It Instructor Katie Burns. During these sessions you and your dog will be introduced to all things flyball starting initially with the box and the turn.

Next sessions:
None planned at the moment!
If you are interested please email Katie - obedience@digitdogs.co.uk

Flyball Beginners Sessions

A weekly class Sunday mornings 11am - 12pm run by Sarah Hursthouse of DogSkool. Great fun for dog and owner!! You can start any time, subject to availability.
Only £50 for an 8 week course, £10 deposit payable on booking.
Further details email: enquiries@digitdogs.co.uk

Flyball training at Dig It ...

The type of training that will be used in the classes is positive reinforcement. If a dog finds something rewarding, it is more likely to repeat it. At one time, there were only conventional/compulsive types of training methods which generally worked by dominating the dog into doing what the owner wanted. As times have moved on, we have found that with positive reinforcement, we can actually give our dog a choice. Our job is to convince him that if he makes the right choice, he will be rewarded! It’s as simple as that!
This clearly gives a better relationship than before with our dogs.

Worming and vaccination.
Please make sure that your vaccination certificate is up to date and that your dog has been wormed. Please get worming medication from your vet. Although more expensive than in the shops it is more effective. It is also advisable to have an up to date kennel cough vaccination as you will be in a class situation with other dogs this will ensure you dog will remain in the peak of health with adequate immunity to this infection.

Choke chains (check chains) are not allowed during the Flyball classes. The most popular and effective way to control your dog in the exciting Flyball training is by a harness.
We sell fleece lined harnesses in the club shop, which are fitted to your dogs size exactly. Alternatively if you have not got a harness then please use a broad flat collar. “Flexi” leads are not appropriate as they are difficult to work with in a training situation.

Tennis balls
All dogs that compete in Flyball must be tennis ball orientated! There are exercises you can work on at home that can help increase your dogs motivation to play with a ball if you find you dog is not totally ball obsessed! Treats can be used in Flyball training therefore bring a selection of these with you to the classes.

Feeding your dog
Bear in mind that we want your dog to work well for the treats you use in class, so if he has just had lunch/super, he’s not going to be terribly interested in your treats. Therefore don’t feed him within 3-4 hours prior to the class. On a full stomach the dog will not be very comfortable running round and there is also the chance that a full stomach can twist – which we definitely don’t want!

Useful hints

  • When you arrive please park sensibly on the car park as other cars may need to leave before you.
  • Your dog then has time to relieve himself before entering the classes but any mess must be removed.
  • Allow you dog a short walk or some exercise before arriving at the class to let off some steam and release some excess energy!
  • Please arrive on time for your classes. There is a lot of setting up to be done and a lot to get through!
  • DO NOT use any equipment without instructor supervision, this is dangerous and there is plenty of time in the classes for your turn.
  • A calm and confident attitude will help your dog to settle into the class easier.
  • Please listen to the instructors, not just to learn lots but for your own and your dogs safety.

And finally…… Please note this is a working farm and consideration should be given to the other people on the farm not attending the agility classes. Therefore, dogs must be kept on a lead at ALL times and ALL dog mess must be removed immediately and put in the ‘pooh bin'.

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