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We have lots of training days, workshops and events at Dig It... take a look below at those scheduled to come this year.

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What next?! ...New classes!

17th September Tuesday 3pm

Have you completed Good Citizens and are wondering what to do next with your dog?
Are you wondering whether to try a competitive dog sport but not sure which one is best for you and your dog?
Or are you not interested in competing but want to carry on doing fun, bonding stuff with your dog?
These classes may be just the answer for you!
You will try out and train a variety of fun skills. They will help you if you do decide to train for a specific sport but if you don’t want to, you can continue classes and learn things that will improve your dogs focus, obedience and be fun for you both. Come along and have a go at:
Searching for a specific scent
The beginnings of tracking
Retrieving anything and everything
Confidence building and body awareness on obstacle courses
Teaching tricks including left, right and reversing

£70 for a 7 week course
6 dogs maximum
For further details and to book email: audra@caracaninephysio.co.uk

'Have A Go' Agility Classes

23rd and 30th September and 7th October at 4pm for 1hr
Dig It Dogs Agility Arena

Ever watched the agility at Crufts and wanted to have a go? Now's your chance!
Agility is a great way for your dog to use their brain and expand physical energy.
We will be working on sequencing jumps, tunnels with some foundation contact training.
Suitable for:
• Dogs 7mths and over.
• Complete beginners.
Things to bring:
• A variety of tasty treats and lots of them.
• Your dog’s favourite toys
• Any training aids your dog needs to negotiate the contact equipment such as a target mat.

Cost: £10 per class. Max 6 Dogs. Payment secures your place.
To book please contact Sarah on sm.stokes78@gmail.com

Brain Games

Wednesday 9th October 17:00 to 18:00 for 6 weeks.
Dig It Obedience Hall

Are you looking for:
• A way to show what a genius your dog is?
• Something else to do after completing your obedience classes?
• A way to mentally stimulate your dog without having to walk them miles?
Yes? Then this is the class for you.
• Teaching your dog how to indicate their choice.
• Introduction to various choice and brain games.
• How to avoid frustration
• Self-Control Games
• And much more…

Cost: £ 60 per course. Max 8 handlers per class
To book please contact Sarah on sm.stokes78@gmail.com

Advanced Weaves (2 workshops)

Advanced Weaves - Entry Skills
Saturday 9th November @ 2.30pm
• Do you want to be able to send you dog to the weaves from any distance and direction?
• Do you want more independence with the weaves so you can get to places on course?

Advanced Weaves - Completion and Handling
Saturday 23rd November @ 2.30pm
• Do you want your dog to be able to complete the weaves no matter what?
• Do you want more independence with the weaves so you can get to places on course?

Both these workshops will look to find out what skills you already have and put techniques in place to solve problems and increase independence.
The workshops are suitable for handlers with dogs that are already completing between 6 to 12, as well as those who are looking to gain more consistency and independence.

Venue: Dig It Dogs. Max of 6 dogs. Unlimited spectator places.
Cost: £25 each workshop
Instructor - Sarah Stokes
To book please contact Sarah on sm.stokes78@gmail.com

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