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Winter Jumping Grids Workshops

These workshops are designed to help your dog develop, or improve, the mechanics, balance and stride patterns necessary to complete their most frequently faced agility obstacle confidently and cleanly!
The following workshops will run with less than 6 handlers, as I would like those who have attended previous workshop to be able to progress. However, the workshop may be shorter if numbers are low (cost will not change as your dog will get the same amount of time). So note that start and finish times may end up varying slightly from those below
The grids become progressively more difficult for your dog, so you really need to attend the workshops in order.

Suitable for young or competing dogs, but will focus on progression for those that have attended previous workshops.
To book please contact Audra audrahurst@icloud.com

14 March 2020
This first workshop focuses on helping your dog jump in extension, and builds confidence

COLLECTION - note 2 dates for the same workshop.
14 March 2020

28 March 2020
You really need to have completed the Extension jumping workshop in order to attend this workshop. However, we may be able to accommodate you, particularly if you have attended earlier, more general, grids workshops with me so please check with me. Also suitable if you have attended the collection workshop but your dog struggled and needs more work on collection.

28 March
You need to have attended extension and collection workshops.

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