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We have lots of training days, workshops and events at Dig It... take a look below at those scheduled to come this year.

For all enquiries email ObscureMyEmail

Brain Games

Wednesday 27th November 5pm to 6pm for 6 weeks (with a gap for Christmas)
Wednesday 22nd January 5pm to 6pm

Are you looking for:

  • A way to show what a genius your dog is?
  • Something else to do after completing your obedience classes?
  • A way to stimulate your dog without having to walk them miles?
Yes? Then this is the class for you.
Check out our VIDEO
Scent Games, Discrimination Games, Naughts & Crosses, Charades and much more...

Venue: Dig It Dogs, Obedience Hall.
Cost: £60 per course
Instructor - Sarah Stokes
To book please contact Sarah on sm.stokes78@gmail.com

Hoopers Taster

Sunday 22nd December, 1.20 to 2.30pm

Hoopers is becoming increasingly popular in the UK, and at Dig It we love it!
For those that don’t know, hoopers involves courses of hoops, large diameter tunnels, barrels and target mats. It’s very low impact so is ideal for dogs that can’t do agility but would love to! It’s easier on the handler as well as the dog - in hoopers the emphasis is on distance handling.

Cost £10, 6 max.
Any level welcome.
To book please contact Audra audrahurst@icloud.com

Contacts - troubleshoot and repair!

Sunday 12th January 2020, 3 to 5pm

Having problems with your contacts? Struggling with criteria? You can't achieve the same performance in competition as you do in training?
This workshop will look at what you have, identify problem areas and give you ideas and a plan to address your issues!
Make sorting out your contacts your new year resolution!

Cost £25, Max 6 dogs
To book please contact Audra audrahurst@icloud.com

Jumping Grids & Skills Workshops!

Saturday 29th February 2020 2.30 to 4.00pm
Saturday 14th March 2020 2.30 to 4.00pm

Using Susan Salo, and other grid exercises, these workshops are designed to help your dog develop, or improve the mechanics, balance and stride patterns necessary to complete their most frequently faced agility obstacle confidently and cleanly! We will look at exercises to help with both collection and extension.
Suitable for young or competing dogs, but will focus on progression for those that have attended previous workshops.

Cost £20, 6 handlers max.
You can attend one workshop, or the whole series to progress
To book please contact Audra audrahurst@icloud.com

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